Update History

OpenBooks 11

Milestone 1

11.0.1 — January 29th, 2024

  • Fixed GitHub Repository links.
  • Retconned version numbering system.
  • OpenBook 10.1 in TimeWarp no longer leads to a 404.
  • Fixed typos on TimeWarp page.

11.0 — January 28th, 2024

Welcome to the first public beta of the all-new, fully redesigned OpenBooks 2024. Please use the BugReport! button to report any issues you find.

  • OpenBooks has been fully rewritten and redesigned with a new visual style, centered around a new Frutiger Aero inspired aesthetic.
  • Search allows you to search OpenBooks and the rest of Neocities.
  • The new Directory provides a curated selection of sites both on and off Neocities.
  • Browse Cool Stuff, full of images, downloads, and more.
  • The CyberLounge Discord server has also been redesigned.
  • TimeWarp lets you see into OpenBooks' past, featuring archives all the way back to 2014.
  • The new about pages and information pages are more clear, concise, and easier to browse than before.
  • The OpenBooks Manifesto has been updated to reflect the goals of OpenBooks 11.
  • The OpenBooks Tenth Anniversary Retrospective, a look back at the history of OpenBooks and the Network Neighborhood, by Coyote Reyne, has been published.

Looking for previous updates?

Update notes for OpenBooks 8, 9, and 10 can be found on a separate page. Older versions are available on TimeWarp.

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