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Release Notes

ChromeBooks 2.2 Update

November 8th 2015

ChromeBooks 2.2 - The Validation Update


  • All of ChromeBooks has been validated as XHTML 1.0 and CSS3.

  • The blink and marquee elements have been removed from the home page.

  • VHSearch Integration has been updated to version 0.2 to comply with valid XHTML.

  • Valid XHTML buttons have been added to each page.


November 5th 2015

ChromeBooks 2.1 builds on top of 2.0.


ChromeBooks 2.1 includes Visual Update Pack 1.0

  • The space background returns from version 1.8.

  • The updates bar now displays a scrolling marquee. In addition, a new logo animation is being tested.

  • The under construction pages have been updated with a bouncing construction sign.

  • The Downloads page now displays a different background image.

  • The Blogs page now displays a different background image.

New Features:

  • Articles Beta is now ready. The first article has been published.


October 9th 2015

Bug fixes

  • Colors now render properly in Internet Explorer.


ChromeBooks 2.0 Update

October 9th 2015

ChromeBooks has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Previously, Adobe Dreamweaver was used to develop ChromeBooks, but the site has been rewritten by hand using Visual Studio Code, an free cross platform text editor from Microsoft, based on Atom.

Here is the complete list of changes:

Core Site Updates

  • ChromeBooks Logo has been updated, and now features brighter colors and gradients.

  • The navigation sidebar has been redesigned to include links and icons for the site's main functions.

  • The homepage contains a new logo, a VHSearch search box, and links to the site's main functions with descriptions.

  • A new toolbar has been added to the top of the site, and the navigation buttons have been relocated there.

  • All pages utilize a consistent design motif with similar backgrounds and page layouts.

  • Page contented is now centered, so using a monitor larger than 800x600 feels lesss awkward now.


  • The search features an integrated VHSearch web module.

  • Includes complete functionality found on vhs.neocities.org.


  • Currently, the directory page is still being developed.

  • The directory features curated links to the best places on Neocities and the web.

  • Links are organized in categories based on the type of content you'll find there.


  • Contains the official ChromeBooks blog.

  • Featured Blogs section links to other blogs on Neocities and the web.


  • Editorials, reviews, and other articles will be featured here.

  • Articles can also be submitted via email.


  • The midis section has an updated design.

  • The information section has been relocated to the top of the page.


  • As of today, this page is somewhat empty.


  • The downloads page has been updated to reflect the new design of the site.


  • The about section now features information on ChromeBooks.

  • History section added.

  • Information on Marin Exley, the creator of ChromeBooks, has been added.

Misc. Changes

  • All pages include display a "Last Updated" date at the bottom of the page.

  • External links now display a small indicator icon, as well as a mail icon for mailto links.

Previous Updates

September 27th 2015 - Site down for maintenance, ChromeBooks 2.0 enters development.

June 25th 2015 - I'm not dead! Life has been... busy. It's been a long time, but I'm glad to be back. I've changed some things around a bit on the site, had a bit of an aesthetic overhaul. It's more Windows NT now than Windows 98.

September 19th 2014 - 2000 hits reached! Thank you!

September 14th 2014 - reworked midis page. changed sidebar buttons. added html tutorial link. download page added. gifs page added. New news ticker has been added. Site updates have moved to a separate page.

September 13th 2014 - added a background to the blog page. new home button. new logo. i think it's pretty nice. added some new midis! edited about page with new backgrouns image and contact info.

September 12th 2014 - this is a website now. visit it. send it to your friends. it's cool. i promise. would i lie to you? maybe. update: added guestbook.

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