Rain's Midi Haven

MP3's taking up too much hard disk space? No problem, try some midi files.

Notice: I'm working on updating this page a lot, so if it suddenly changes, that's why.

Midi Downloads
sandstorm.mid thrift.mid
toxic.mid pokemon.mid
shinji.mid clouds.mid
believe.mid moon.mid

Playing Midi Files

You will need a midiplayer. Windows Media Player can do it, but Microsoft GS Synth doesn't sound very good. Winamp and foobar2000 can use your sound card's synth, but there's an even better option. I use MidiPlayer2, which lets me use a SoundFont to customize the sound of my midis. If you're new to midis are you're playing them in WMP on a new computer, midis aren't meant to sound that bad. They can sound very good, just as good as an mp3 or CD.

Download MidiPlayer2 for Windows 98 (and newer) (707kb)

You may need a program to unzip the files.

Download Soundfonts on my Downloads Page

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