some thoughts before i sleep

April 11 2017

i want to go somewhere i've never been to be with you

when we had much younger faces

we were saving up for something new

i wish i could stay back then. the memories are much brighter.

how long will i wait in vain for you

i could right novels of words i'd wish i'd said to you, and still have some left over.

i'm sorry.


(god i don't know why i'm writing all of this or even publishing it publicly but here's some rambles and thoughts. until next time, take care.)

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eyyy look i'm back

April 10 2017

isn't it weird seeing this design again? it's like i've gone back to my roots or something. or maybe i just wanted something easier to edit. probably that. anyway, i'm back to working on neocities things again, as you can see. as well a a little bit of trying to prove i still know how to do this. oh and i changed names again bc lol indecisiveness.

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