About OpenBooks

Your portal to Neocities.

Started in 2014 as a purely personal site, OpenBooks grew over the next two years into one of Neocities' most popular websites. In 2016, OpenBooks shifted its focus to providing search and directory services to the Neocities' community. Throughought 2017 and 2018, OpenBooks had a tumultuous history before finally settling in 2019 into the site we have today. Now, OpenBooks is trying to regain its ties to the Neocities community while continuing to provide a service to the Neocities' userbase.

About the creator

OpenBooks is made singlehandedly by ∆ (aka Merewife), formerly known under several aliases including Marin Exley. They are the same person. As an aspiring graphic designer and musician, OpenBooks grew from the early to mid-2000s aesthetics they grew up surrounded by. Read more

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