Because modern web design doesn't have to be hard.


About Weave.css

Weave.css started as a template for Exley.xyz's own sites, designed to be as lightweight and as easy to use as possible, while still looking like a modern, responsive website. Since then, Weave.css has become a publicly available, open source project that anyone can use and edit for their own web design.

Weave.css is meant to be as easily customizable as possible, using cutting edge CSS technology such as variables, which allows for customization without Less or Sass comiling an entire framework, most of which you may not even use.

About Exley.xyz

Exley.xyz is a brand created by Marin Exley for their projects, including this one. More information can be found at their main website.

This Site

This site uses Weave.css version 0.3.