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ungrid - Chris Nager, free to use

Avalanche CSS - Colourgarden, MIT license

Inter - Rasmus Andersson, SIL Open Font license

Metropolis - Chris Simpson, Unlicense

Tango Icons - Free Desktop Project, public domain.


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OpenBooks is compatible with all modern browsers, but is tested primarily in Firefox. Javascript is recommended but not required. Minimum of 1024x768 display recommended. OpenBooks is designed targeting the sRGB colorspace.

A home on the web.

OpenBooks was started in September 2014 by Coyote Reyne, as a personal hub for their projects. It has evolved over time, sometimes with more of a focus on providing services to the Neocities community, and sometimes being a more personal site.

In its current form, OpenBooks exists as a hub for other Neocities projects, as well as a select few services, such as a search engine, for the Neocities community. It also hosts several projects by The OpenBooks Authors and Coyote Reyne.

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