About OpenBooks
About OpenBooks

A home on the web.

OpenBooks is a hub for Neocities community projects. Currently, our projects include two search engines and the OpenBooks WebRing. It will also be host to future projects by The OpenBooks Authors and Coyote Reyne.

OpenBooks was started in 2014 as the personal site of Coyote Reyne, and has had various iterations over the years, some focusing more on being a personal site, and others more on being a community hub for Neocities. The current site sits between these two ideals.

Version Information and Credits

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Open Source components

See the MIT License for details.

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ungrid - Chris Nager, free to use

Avalanche CSS - Colourgarden, MIT license

Metropolis - Chris Simpson, Unlicense

Inter - Rasmus Andersson, SIL Open Font license

Tango Icons - Free Desktop Project, public domain.


See our humans.txt file for information.


OpenBooks is designed to work in any modern browser. A screen resolution of 1024x768 is recommended for desktop or tablet use. Many pages are not yet mobile compatible (including the home page), however those that are not can be scaled and zoomed without breaking them.