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Almost any site is welcome - as long as it's a static site. That means personal pages, blogs, a site about your pet, your trading card collection, your art porfolio, movie reviews, as long as you made it, it's welcome here.

There's no specific style or theme required - your site can be straight out of 1997 or blazing with CSS3 animations, as long as it's static and made by you. The only thing we do not allow is hateful content of any kind.

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OpenBooks is the site you're on right now. It is a hub for this webring, and other sites made by its creator, Coyote Reyne.

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Welcome to the world of Coyote Reyne

Welcome to the world of Coyote Reyne.

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A Neocities search engine. Display only results from websites hosted on Neocities.

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Comfy’s page. A personal webpage with a blog, about section, and a Trashcan.

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Kaj Strife

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Blogs, Insects, and over 5K 88x31 buttons!

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