Update Information: 3.X Series


May 26th 2016


  • Changed OME links to ome.neocities.org.


May 14th 2016


  • OpenBooks NX Preview is now available from the main page.


May 11th 2016


  • The home button has been moved to the toolbar.

  • Toolbar height increased.

  • Back and forward buttons are now aqua style.

  • Sidebar buttons are now aqua style and have new icons.

  • Splash screen has been updated.

  • The apple-touch-icon has been updated.

  • Fonts have been changed to Roboto and Roboto Slab.

  • Fixed misaligned headers in Articles.

  • Computers page updated.

  • Refined shades of blue.


May 1st 2016


  • Added 98plus to OPP.

  • Clicking the OpenBooks Music Beta logo no longer results in a 404 error.


April 29th 2016


  • OpenBooks is now owned by OME. (But don't worry, Marin Exley owns OME. Nothing has changed except the name.)

  • Splash screen updated with thinner font and OME branding.

  • Tweaked toolbar buttons.

  • Changed icons for iOS devices. (Apple Touch Icon)

  • Sidebar and toolbar background tweaks.

  • Sidebar is once again two pages.

Main page:

  • Logo is normal once again.

  • Removed links to my other Neocities sites.

  • Added OPP banners.

About page:

  • I added a profile about myself, including a picture of me!

  • Added some information to the history section.

Computers page:

  • Added IBM ThinkPad 570E.

  • Added iPad Pro.


  • Music Beta has replaced the old music page.

  • Music Beta updated to 0.2.

Content updates:

New blog post.


April 24th 2016


  • Home page logo is now purple for Prince. I would have changed it sooner, but I already had planned to change it for Earth Day.


April 21st 2016


  • Home page logo is now green for Earth Day.

  • OPP content update.


April 19th 2016


  • OpenBooks Promotion Platform Beta is now available.

  • A third page has been added to the sidebar.

Main page

  • Sites section added with links to OpenBooks TV and OPP Beta.

  • Logo is no longer bold.

  • Refined shades of blue.

Computers page

  • Added descriptions.

Content updates:

Blog post "New Projects" added.

OpenBooks Promotion Platform Beta

The OPP Beta is now available from the OpenBooks main page. OPP provides an easy way for Neocities users to promote one another's sites.


April 15th 2016

Content updates:

New blog post.


April 12th 2016

Content updates:

New blog post.


April 7th 2016


  • Articles page CSS is now fixed.

  • New blog post.

  • Explore section added to home page.


March 23rd 2016


  • Main page background changed. We're in space again.

  • All email links now link to my new ProtonMail account.

  • New mail icon.

  • Refined cursor's shade of blue.

  • Tweaked Articles browser.

OpenBooks Platform Update 1

  • Chrome and Sidebar files are now stored in their own directories.

  • Pages directory now contains each page and page-specific images for better organization.

OpenBooks Music Beta

  • Music Beta can now be accessed from the Music page.

  • Music Beta is a complete rewrite of the existing music page, with a 3-column browser inspired by early 2000s music players.


March 9th 2016

Content updates:

New article.

New blog post.


March 9th 2016


  • Added sidebar page indicators.

  • Added images to hardware page.

  • Added Archived Updates page.

  • Added clock to home page.

  • Refined shades of blue. (Really this time.)

Content updates:

New blog post.


March 1st 2016

3.1 is the first in the weekly updates series.


  • Splash screen added.

  • iOS and Safari browser icon updated.

  • Site favicon updated.

  • Home page logo is now glossier.

  • Copyright information moved to main page.

  • Guestbook link moved.

  • Back and forward buttons are now all caps.

  • Minor graphics tweaks.

  • Sidebar now has two pages.

  • Home button added to sidebar.

  • Guestbook button added to sidebar.

  • Computers button added to sidebar.

  • Refined shades of blue.

  • Welcome text on home page changed.

  • Articles viewer updated.


February 18th 2016


Visual Style Update 3.0

  • Entirely new visuals, sidebar, taskbar, and logos.

  • All pages updated to match new style.

  • Refined shades of blue.


  • 2-pane view.

Core updates

  • Page width increased.

  • Gallery and directory removed.

More information in 2.9 beta release notes.

Previous Updates

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